Cleansing ceremony.

Traditional beer (Umqombothi)

Today is a cleansing ceremony for my Mom and she’s taking off mourning clothing after a year my Dad has gone.

Mom you honestly told me that there will be days like this were we celebrate things we have lost.

I truly believe and you are my world always.



Hello loved ones, my expectations is that each and every one of you is doing awesome as always and taking good control of everything that is happening to your life right now. I know you got this.
Thank you very much for love and sharing your lovely thoughts, creativity, art in words and in pictures. It does makes a great difference.

I must introduce you all to my second baby Remi.

You all meet Remi

Here are fourteen things I love about Remi:

I can tell Remi anything I want and I can assure you Remi won’t tell anyone.

I am always at peace when I’m around Remi. Our relationship is harmonious.

Taking care of Remi is one of the most meaningful things I have ever done in my life. Taking Remi to the light, cleaning and moderating moist.

Remi is growing so rapidly. We pledged that we are growing together.

I love Remi as much as Remi loves me.

I talk to Remi and Remi talks to me. Remi tells me when the sun is out.

Remi understand very well that here we are gender neutral and each of us can be whatever we want to be.

Aloe vera
Remi is one of the most healthy plants in the world.

I sometimes forget to take Remi outside early and I feel bad like I’m not ready to be Remi’s guardian. I do apologize for such situations Remi.

Remi gives me hope and sanity.

Remi is beautiful and simple.

I laugh and smile with my Remi.

We blog together. Remi is right next to me while I’m writing this post.

Two weeks
It is 14 days now since I had met Remi. To more days to come Remi.

Remi loves light.

I Am Here.


I am Queen and King.
I love who I am.
I know who I am.
I feel vulnerable and numb.
I don’t know what do but
I am here.

I compromise too much.
I doubt my instinctive.
I duly my principles.
I give genuine love without expecting it in return but
I am still here.

I vigil for merely hours.
I say I’m okay while I’m not.
I get vexed and do nothing about it.
I had rendezvous that don’t mean anything.

I intrude people and they don’t tell so because of power I may portray at that moment.
I am here