Commemorating Women’s Day.

           National Women’s Day

I pay deep obeisance to all women out there.
Who fought for women’s rights and still doing so.
Who wake up every day and strive for their best.
I salute you.
The one’s who are exhausted and feel like everything is not going on their way, take a step back relax~breath you doing just amazing.
I got you.

Always remember;
You bring people to the world.
You shape the world.
Sympathy is who you are.
No one can take that from you.
You are beautiful.
You are worthy.
You are important.
You are special.
You are unique.
You are wonderful.
You are talented.
You are irreplaceable.
You always see the best out of nothing.
Women can achieve anything.
              Wathinta abafazi
           Wathinta imbokodo
You have come so far as women in this horrible world that drags everything women do.
I love the fact that women do not give up when things get tough, they just learn and grow in such situations.
You are in power
“Hold your head and your standards high even as people or circumstances try to pull you down” Tory Johnson

[Happy National Women’s Day]

Do not sleep on yourself!

Your dreams are not sleeping

You know yourself before birth until you die.

Still beyond you will know yourself.

Do not ever let coterie undermine
The greatness, the potential in you.

They already doing that for you.

You can’t be doing that too.

Not to yourself ~ remember
You made of allure dreams.

Shock everyone.

Make it happen.

Do extraordinary things.

Believe to the soul that no one is believing into.

Wake up. Get up. Fix yourself.

Do your thing.

Do not sleep on yourself.

Stay wide awake.

You’re not ugly, Society is!

Society is messed up by individual ideologies that emphasize a certain individual how must they look in a particular way which has ruin so many life’s by telling lies.
You’re too dark and light skinned.
You’re skinny, chubby and fat.
You’re tall, short, able or disable.
You’re ugly, pretty, handsome and too great.
You’re not ugly, society is.

You’re much more enough.
You’re beautiful.
You’re strong.
Do not ever let anybody told you
that you’re different.
You’re only one of the kind.
You’re not ugly, society is.

Your existence matters.
Embrace who you are at all times.
Look yourself in the mirror and say
Hey sexy assbitch and never be afraid to notice how damn beautiful you are.
Love yourself and declare how amazing you are.
You’re not ugly, society is.

Do not ever allow any negativity associated with you, however be the lady and gentlemen you always want to be.
Do not live your life according individuals ideology of you.
Master the concept of understanding your uniqueness and diversity then you free to go.
You’re not ugly, society is the one categorize us in divided groups.
You will never be ugly not now, not ever.

I am not okay.

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing just fine, as for me I am not okay at all. I even wrote this blog while I am waiting for Doctor’s consultation.

My entire body feels very agony

During the day

I feel hot

During the night time

I feel extremely cold

The pain is much more agony on my back bones and joints

I have been having medication since last Thursday but nothing changes.

I’m scared

My eyes also fighting for the same pain I am having.

My head feels so heavy

My neck feels numb.

What is going on to my body?

One thing for sure

You have never failed and

You will not start now.